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Standing Strong Together and Growing in God’s Love

Veterans Discovering New Life (VDNL) is a faith-based program that is open to all military veterans of any branch who wish to feel the camaraderie with other local veterans that they felt during the service.

The Veterans Discovering New Life program helps veterans explore what God is doing in their lives, encourages them to pursue their life mission and connects them with other local veterans. They will discover how their military experience has shaped – and continues to shape – their lives and how God has His hand in guiding their lives. VDNL is devoted to bringing peace and understanding in the lives of area veterans.

The program is free to attend.  There are morning (Mondays at 10 a.m.) and evening (Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m) meeting times each week to accommodate busy schedules.

Registration is required to attend!

Veterans must be registered and in contact with Nichole Coleman prior to attending meetings. For more information, contact Nichole at 419-424-7036,  ext. 5.   You can also sign up by contacting Nichole Coleman through Facebook Messenger.

The Veterans Discovering New Life program offers:

  • A safe environment where veterans can freely discuss what God is doing in their lives.
  • Connections for veterans with other local veterans for faith-based support and guidance.
  • Discussion about how the military experience has shaped, and continues to shape, their lives.
  • Veterans a place to find purpose and meaning and helps them overcome challenges they may face.
  • Meetings are held at New Life Assembly of God, 3120 Norcrest Street, Findlay.

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For more information complete this interest form or call Nichole at 419-424-7036

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