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Project Background

Taps, the ceremonial bugle call that signals the end of service, is played with 24 of the most powerful, meaningful musical notes for Veterans. Hancock County Taps – Honoring Those Who Served is the class project for the Hancock Leadership Class of 2023. Hancock County Taps is the brainchild of Carl Hayslett, a local Magistrate and musician who has performed Taps at countless military funerals and memorial services. Carl grew up next to Wright Patterson Air Force Base and developed a deep respect for the U.S. Military and its Veterans, including his father and grandfather. Carl internalized the meaning of Taps, not only how to play those 24 musical notes, beautifully, but also the significance of when a Veteran is laid to rest and receives this final, well-deserved honor.

Mission Statement

To ensure that every Hancock County Veteran is honored with a live rendition of Taps at their funeral or memorial service, when possible.

The Challenge

There is a shortage of live buglers. Musicians who can deliver a high quality performance of Taps on a bugle or trumpet, are often unavailable for services due to work or other conflicts. The Hancock Leadership Class of ’23 is developing a system to audition local musicians and build a robust registry of live buglers to be paired at funerals and memorial services of local Veterans. The class will also host an event to introduce the project to the community; a Veteran’s memorial plaque will be installed at this ceremony, which will likely take place around Memorial Day.

The Collaboration

Hancock County Taps is being developed by the Hancock Leadership Class of 2023, in partnership with the Hancock County Veteran Services Office and the Findlay Hancock County Chamber of Commerce. Co-Chairs Tom James and Keah Egbert are mobilizing the 2023 class to make this patriotic service available to honor Veterans in their final moments.

You can get involved with Hancock County Taps in two ways:


Join our registry of live buglers! High school, college and community musicians who play the trumpet or bugle will be able to sign up to audition. If selected, they will volunteer their time and pay their respects by playing Taps to honor local Veterans.  To apply to be considered as a TAPS player, please fill out the online application.


You will be able to honor any Hancock County Veteran by requesting a live rendition of Taps to be played at their final service, after the program is officially launched.

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