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Survivors Pension (formerly Death Pension)

This pension, like the others, is an income based program available to surviving spouses and/or minor children of wartime veterans. The maximum rate is set by Congress, and all other income is considered when assessing the individual eligibility. However, VA also will allow income reduction through the use of out of pocket medical expenses. Additional amounts may be paid for eligible dependents.

Dependency Indemnity Compensation (DIC)

DIC is payable to the surviving spouse and/or minor children of veterans whose death has been adjudicated by VA as being “service connected”. Along with monthly payments, eligible survivors may receive health care coverage through CHAMPVA, and education benefits under Chapter 35, Dependents Educational Assistance.

Other Benefits

Surviving family members may be eligible for other benefits such as education, medical coverage, home loans, and other benefits. This varies case by case, and is determined by the VA.

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