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PLEASE SCHEDULE ALL TOLEDO APPOINTMENTS BETWEEN 8 AM – 12:30 PM, IF POSSIBLE without causing longer wait times. WE WILL DO OUR ABSOLUTE BEST TO ACCOMMODATE ALL OTHER Appointments to the other VA Clinic’s and VA hospitals and prefer Am appointments, if possible without causing longer wait times.

To schedule a ride on one of our vans call the transportation manager at 419-424-7408. If you get the voicemail, please speak slowly and clearly with your name, the last four of your social security number, your phone number and the date, time and location of your appointment. The transportation manager will return your call to confirm your appointment and the driver will contact you no later than 4PM the day before your appointment.

Toledo Outpatient Clinic

(419) 259-2000

Ann Arbor VAMC

(734) 769-7100

Lima Outpatient Clinic

(419) 222-5788

Dayton VAMC

(937) 268-6511

Marion Outpatient Clinic

(740) 223-8089

Columbus VAMC

(614) 257-5200

Fort Wayne VAMC

(260) 426-5431

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