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Exploring How Listening to Music Can Affect Your PTSD Symptoms

G.I.Tunes is a unique program designed to provide veterans the opportunity to engage in and explore how music listening can affect ongoing symptoms of PTSD. The purpose of this program is to provide aid in choosing songs, creating playlists and implementing them when symptoms of PTSD are present, as well as exploring how music listening can effect diagnosed PTSD symptoms.

Although G.I. Tunes is NOT music therapy, board-certified music and occupational therapists will aid in creating playlists that fit a veteran’s needs, updating the playlist, and conducting music therapy groups open to all veterans in the G.I.Tunes program.  For more information on this program, call the office at 419-424-7036.

Some signs of PTSD include:
• Feeling Like You Are Repeating The Traumatic Event Again
• Seeing, Hearing, Or Smelling Something That Causes You To Relive The Traumatic Experience
• Nightmares And Trouble Sleeping
• Avoiding Cr,owds Or Driving
• Negative Changes In Beliefs And Feelings
• Feeling Keyed Up And Jittery
• Always Alert And looking For Danger
• Suddenly Becoming Angry Or Irritable
• Trouble Concentrating And Focusing
• Startled By Loud Noises Or Surprises

Our mission is to compassionately help veterans struggling with PTSD by introducing them to the healing power of music. Learn more about common Post Traumatic Stress Disorder symptoms at:

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The G.I. Tunes Program offers:

  • The support and guidance of a music therapist (and an occupational therapist) in assessing, developing, and implementing a personalized playlist for home listening.
  • The FREE use of a personalized iTunes library and an at-home listening device.
  • Assistance in completing and analyzing a listening log by an occupational therapist.
  • Assistance in recognizing, documenting, and coping with signs of PTSD, such as stress levels.
  • FREE music therapy sessions, conducted by board-certified therapists, once a month/quarter with other veterans in the G.I. Tunes program.
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