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Our Hancock County Veterans have blazed a trail in many of our great conflicts and wars. We have a rich tradition of veteran contribution to keeping peace.  Because of this, The Hancock Country Veterans Service Office along with the Hancock Historical Museum and Hancock Park District have worked together to create the Heritage Trail Story Walk.

The Heritage Trail begins at Litzenberg Memorial Woods on the county’s west side and ends at Van Horn Cemetery on the county’s east side.  It connects parks, historic sites, and landmarks with over 20 miles of pavement, grass and dirt.  The Story Walk currently begins at Liberty Landing and ends at Riverbend Recreation Area. The goal is to add 4 additional signs next year so the story walk will encompass the entire trail from Litzenberg to Van Horn Cemetery

This trail has given us a wonderful opportunity to educate and celebrate the accomplishments of Hancock County through a Veteran Story Walk.  Our Hancock Historical Museum has researched the contributions of Hancock County Veterans in The War of 1812, The Civil War, World War I, also known as the great war, and World War II. Thanks to a grant from the Findlay Hancock County Community Foundation, this information will now be available to everyone who uses this trail.  Each story board will include information about a war or conflict and how Hancock County veterans served or contributed.

We want to make sure that we never forget about these important historic events and the part that our veterans played.  It gives us an opportunity to tell their story and helps us carry on our county’s rich heritage to the next generation.   Our veterans enjoy telling their stories.  Make sure you take time to visit our wonderful parks, learn about history and celebrate our wonderful Hancock County Veterans.  Maybe this will inspire you to start a conversation with a veteran to learn more about what encouraged them to serve.

For more information about he full trail, go to Heritage Trail Story Walk.

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